I tend to use Emacs with evil-mode for any kind of extended editing and programming, unless I'm using an IDE (with a Vim plugin of course!) in the latter case.

One of the disadvantages of evil-mode is that there's a high chance that advanced commands might not as expected in Emacs. For example, :normal ... commands do not work in evil-mode. Also Vim regex and Emacs regex are not really compatible - so your Vim regex know-how will not translate directly to Emacs. So, when it comes to raw editing Vim probably is the better editor from my experience.

However, with evil-mode one can easily use Emacs editing functionality as well which comes with the downside of haing to learn two disparate kind of editing paradigmns.

Configuration distributions


This is what I have been using for a couple of years and I would recommend this someome wanting to transition from Vim to an Emacs workflow.

I have been trying this configuration package recently and I am quite impressed with the low startup overhead of the Doom configuration.


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