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    • My first foray into aesthetics theory.
    • I quite liked the first TV series from Amazon - The Man in the High Castle, then lost interest to follow up on later series. I might revisit the later series in the future.
    • Without writing too many spoilers, the TV series has far more character development than the book and it is more based on the book rather than faithful to the book.
    • This is an interesting book on a woman's perspective on dealing with a midlife crisis of sorts.
    • Early chapters reminded me of Girl, Interrupted (1999) , which is one of my favourite films. Although both protagonists go through a breakdown, that's probably where the similarities end!
    • This reminds me that I should pick up Girl, Interrupted book itself.
    • Curiosity read since I haven't read many (if any) Roman poets before.
    • Quite liked the mythical poems on Thesius etc.
    • There are some sharp, quite quotable short poems, too.
  • ​The Blue Room​
    • Similar theme to Unfaithful (2002)​
      film, although this book is much older.
    • Quite an interesting short story.
    • Quite an interesting book on medication profession which I do not know much about.
    • Stories on how doctors in poor countries and areas adapt to the unique challenges and rise to the occasion were quite inspiring to read.
    • Advice on getting better in once professoin is, I think, applicable to other fields as well.
    • It was a long awaited read for me to finally to read Pride and Prejudice.
    • I've seen Pride & Prejudice (2005) film some time back and reading books of Jane Austen was quite high on my list.
    • I picked up reading reading this book while parallel reading other books, but after the first couple of chapters I could almost not put it down, and read it solely till I finished it!
    • I picked up this short book solely based on how much I liked the film The Bridges of Madison County (1995), and I think my ratings for the book, is biased based on the liking to the film as well.
    • This is the first Ursula Le Guin book for me.
    • I've been eyeing to read her science fiction books for a while and I'm quite glad that I started with this one.
    • It is a pretty awesome story which is hard to describe.
    • I had seen the movie based on the novel a long time ago The End of the Affair (1999) and I quite liked the film even though I found its ending a bit gloomy at the time.
    • The book evoked even stronger emotions for me. I'm not even sure whether to call this book just a run of the mill love story.
    • The second half is almost religious and spiritual. I found the novel quite nihilistic and religious at the same time.
    • Most of all, I like the brutal honesty of the protagonist who fights till the end to keep his nihilistic world view. I'm not sure whether it is nihilistic - at least he believed in love, so there's something!
    • I quite liked the way Paula Fox can pack so much into a single sentence.
    • Some passages in the book would be considered quite politically incorrect by today's standards, but I cannot fault the book because as with everything art is also a product of its time.
    • Characters insecurities and flaws are laied bare in a seemingly insignificant event in a very deft manner.
  • ​The Road​
    • It took me a little while to get used to the Cormac McCarthy writing style, which I've come to understand is pretty unique.
    • I really wanted to find out what exactly was that apocalyptic event, but it is never fully revealed. In a way, not revealing what's the underlying event makes the novel universal.
    • The ending was really emotional and it was responsible for my ultimately high rating for the book.



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Films and TV

  • ​Big Bang Theory - Finally finished the series. Even though I didn't like the later series all that much I was sad to see the series finish.
  • ​The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Although not as much as the first two series, I still quite like this series.
  • ​You - I'm of two minds whether to continue watching this series, which I find quite a bit shallow.
  • ​Young Sheldon​


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