Scala in the City - January, 2020

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Functional Game Programming

  • Indigo is a soon-to-be-released purely functional game engine, that aims to make creating 2D indie games approachable and fun for Scala / Scala.js programmers.

  • One of the goals of Indigo is to challenge the conventional wisdom that testing and reasoning about games is unavoidably difficult due to their non-deterministic nature.

  • In this short talk we will cover some of the concepts behind the engine, the problems it aims to solve, and show you what a simple game project looks like.

7.10pm: Wiem Zine Elabidine @WiemZin, Scala Backend Developer @ MOIA

ZIO In Real World

  • Purely functional libraries like ZIO can help you build high-performance, concurrent applications that don’t have deadlocks, don’t leak resources and can solve complex problems using purely functional code.

  • In this talk, Wiem will walk you through how to build a control system for the elevators at a fictional hotel, H&A Hotel. You’ll learn how to use basic control structures like Ref, Queue, STM and ZIO to build real-world software.

  • Emphasis on total functional programming reminded me of this paper by David Turner (of [Miranda]( fame) - Total Functional Programming

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