Channels and Streams

  • John Bartholomew -

    This is a very good channel for beginner to intermediate level players who

    wants to get better. When John streams, he usually explains his reasoning for

    moves and they are pretty instructive.

  • agadmator's Chess Channel -

    This is a great channel to just enjoy both modern and older classic chess games.

  • GMHikaru -

    Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura's channel is a pretty active one since he streams

    Blitz chess pretty regularly. Follow it to see a Chess tactical genius at work!

    However, Blitz at that level is a very poor format for actual learning because

    things happen too quickly for beginner or even intermediate level players at

    Hikaru's level.

  • Matthew Sadler's videos on AlphaZero play against Stockfish in chess24

    network's YouTube channel are very interesting due to AlphaZero's novelties in

    very well studied positions to outplay traditional engines like Stockfish. One

    good example of innovative, almost alien play by AlphaZero is

    "Long-term Sacrifice" | DeepMind's AlphaZero vs. Stockfish.



  • Lichess - This is a great free resource for tactics

    training and analysing games.

  • - Probably has the biggest chess playing audience. Their paid

    offerings seem to be pretty good value if you are serious about improving.

  • Chessbase - I'm a little disappointed that Chessbase does not have an offering for Linux or macOS users.

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