Emacs plugins


I find evil mode to be an essential plugin to make use of the Vim muscle memory I've developed over the years for editing. Another reason is that I find modal editing to be less straining for extended typing compared to Emacs', notorious strain on hands due to key combinations. Emacs plugins like god-mode can somewhat help with the key combination situation, Vim modes takes it a couple of notches higher.


This is a pretty useful plugin for working with /projects/. Projects are usually any source controlled directory, or any directory with a .projectile (empty) file. Projectile allows, among other things, to apply commands in bulk mode within the current buffer's project. This is best explained via some examples,

  • projectile-kill-buffers - This command will close all the buffers of the

    current project you are working on.

Org Mode

See org-mode.

Org mode enhacements

  • org-cliplink - this plugin is pretty

    useful to paste nicely formatted links into an org-mode buffer.

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