• Cython - using Cython to optimise

    latency critical code in existing Python codebases.

  • Minimal perfect hashing.

  • Changed Emacs configuration from Spacemacs to Doom Emacs. I do like the faster

    startup of the Doom config. Still getting used to the ivy, counsel and

    swyper. (Ref. Ivy, Counsel and Swiper).



  • Got the poetry bug and read a couple of poetry selections from Mary Oliver

    and selected poems book from Robert Frost, which I could find in project Gutenberg.

  • How Google Works by Eric Schmidt -

    although not much content from the book was brand new to me, I still liked the



  • Started a personal wiki!

  • Relatively better month for running. Last two months were terrible by my usual standards. Sticked to shorter 7k runs in the morning to increase weekly mileage slowly and managed to complete Strava Escape Plan challenge.

  • Got one hike done in Kent in Bourne Valley. It was a bit wet and damp day, but I quite enjoyed the Autumn weather and Kentish countryside.

  • Still hovering around 950 elo rating in Chess on 10 minute format at Not really happy with the lack of progress there. I still keep making blunders which ruins games, sometimes in promising positions.

    I don't think the faster format is really the best format for improving Chess, but that's the format which I enjoy most due to quick games.

  • New album from Lana Del Rey, Norman Fucking Rockwell!,

    quickly became a favourite albums from 2019 for me.

  • Discovered Mazzy Star. Kind of

    surprised that I hadn't come across music from this artist before!

  • Anoushka Shankar - she's the other daughther of Ravi Shankar. Traces Of You album was new to me and I especially like this collobaration with her more famous sister Norah Jones! - Unsaid (feat. Norah Jones). I think the Sitar is really powerful here in accentuating the sad melancholy of the song.

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