• Natural running - Emphasis on a few set of core elements conducive to good technique.

  • Pose running - Strong emphasis on running Pose with a forefoot strike pattern.

  • Chi running - This running technique emphasises on breathing and mid-foot


I do not think there's any particular technique universally applicable to runners of all shape and form. However, there are common elements which almost all these techniques promotes,

  • High cadence with short strides

  • Slight forward lean - although this is not too important. The important part

    is getting your body slightly forward or just underneath when you land on your

    forward strike.

General advice

This is some advice which has worked for me. Everybody is different and you shouldn't take this advice as the last word and do your own research. Also following advice is from a perspective of a recreational runner who almost never does races!

  • Start by running slowly. If starting after a long period of inactivity or

    starting recreational running for the first time, then even running as low as

    15 minutes is good enough.

  • In the beginning aim for running short distances (or based on time), but aim

    to run consistently. Running 4 to 5 times a week would be a good target.

  • For rest days, which are important, try to get some strength training based on

    especially targeting muscles you find weak. Your body aches would be a pretty

    good guide here!

  • Slowly increase weekly mileage. I think early on consistency on how often you

    run is more important than mileage, unless you are specifically training for

    an event.

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